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scrutinize for comparsion purposes

Her original regulator at this grill so if chares looks they need followngs

Art. 00000

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Scrutinizes to this compare

Her original regulator at tis grill so if share looks, the need this one:

Es kann sein, daß dieser Regler für USA-Kartuschenanschluss

auch im Grill integriert ist.

Art. 00001

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Scrutinize for compaarison purposes

You grill soif they need regulator at this looks the adapter no 902

Art. 00003

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Scrutinize for comparison ourposes

This one don´t grill any regulator if can has be an internal thread (1/8") at the gas entrance

Art. 00004

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Scrutinize for comparison purposes

This one grill if doesn´t have any regelator, can be one from scorcing winch at the gas entrance (1/8")

Art. 00005

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USA grill adpter

Execution stand type

without pepe burst saferguarding and chows

Fits for regulators as form nos. 2

The brass mother suits on German gas bottles

The big blak sleeve nut of the USA regulator

matches on tis thread

Art. 9015

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Regulator for USA - grill

Art. 9020

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regulator for USA - Grill

Regulator system around the USA grill conect to Germann gas bottles with Mano

Art. 9025

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Pipe lenght: 0,8 mtr.

Connecting nute IG 1/4" LH for regulator no.:9002

Connecting nute for gas- and equipment

from USA (IG 3/8" RH)

on the right thread

Art. 9030

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this article is currently not available

Adapter for a german regulator to the USA grill


Art. 9035

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