The "old gas man" started in the reconstruction period in the late 1940s.

The gas bottle came on the potato scales and the 11 kg were pumped in by hand. The gas loss of the “Bastlerstolz” pump was so great that there was no need for a company sign.

You could smell far enough where there was gas!

The "young gas man" has therefore undergone a different training from the "old". Result: more careful, more thorough, checks every screw connection. It's better this way!

In 2008 the "young" replaced the "old" Gasmann and in 2010 Wynen Gastechnik became Wynen Gas GmbH.

Unfortunately, in January 2011 the "old gas man" left us. We commemorate him and his life's work and will continue to do so in his spirit.

Willi Wynen
Pierre Meskes
Nicola Giesers
Heike Thimm