Tank bottle

This is an example of 2 of our gas bottle in a gas gasket.


Here is an example of a mounting of several tanks under the motorhome. In this case 3 50 liter tanks in a Fiat Ducato chassis frame.

Gas gasket

This is an example of a tank in a gas gasket. We have several tank sizes, so that you can use the optimal size.

Inline Filter

This is our new designed Inline Filter, which protects your gas system. There is no chance that dirt may cause your gas system to not work.

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Inline Gasfilter WY-F-904 C
Art. 530
incl. VAT + shipping
USA grill adpter
Art. 9015
incl. VAT + shipping
tankbottle SR green 11 KG
Art. 203
incl. VAT + shipping
Inline Gasfilter WY-F-904 C-10
Art. 53010
incl. VAT + shipping

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