Here is an example of a mounting of several tanks under the motorhome. In this case 3 50 liter tanks in a Fiat Ducato chassis frame.

Gas gasket

This is an example of a tank in a gas gasket. We have several tank sizes, so that you can use the optimal size.

Inline Filter

This is our new designed Inline Filter, which protects your gas system. There is no chance that dirt may cause your gas system to not work.

Inline Gasfilter WY-F-904 C


Hochdruckfilter, mit 99% Abscheidungsgrad, für Campinggasflaschen, Tanks stehend, Tanks im Flaschenkasten und Unterflurtanks.

Filter wird mit einem Filtereinsatz geliefert. 
Als Ersatzfilter wird unser Artikel 5305 genutzt.

Anschlüsse: 21.8 LH Überwurfmutter
21.8 LH Außengewinde

Gesamtlänge: 60mm

Art. 530

incl. VAT excl. shipping

USA grill adpter

Execution stand type

without pepe burst saferguarding and chows

Fits for regulators as form nos. 2

The brass mother suits on German gas bottles

The big blak sleeve nut of the USA regulator

matches on tis thread

Art. 9015

incl. VAT excl. shipping

tankbottle SR green 11 KG

lateral fuelling - see right-hand side in the gas cabinet

The green tank bottle is constructed especially for camping purposes.

Dimensions: 560mm high x 300mm, like normal gas bottles 11 Kg

The cover respectively the handhold is removable (imbus 5)

Extraction valve with rubber joint for controller and safety valve inside the tanks. The threads match with all controllers, also for the new SecuMotion controller. Duomatic function unchanged.

Liquid level indicator with mechanical floater, therefore accurate indication from 0 to 11 kg.

Also in the gas box for direct reading.

Lateral fuelling with additional return valve in the upper part

Art. 203

incl. VAT excl. shipping

Inline Gasfilter WY-F-904 C-10









Filter für Hochdruck und Niederdruck Montage in 10mm Rohrleitung.

Filter wird mit einem Filtereinsatz sowie Halterung geliefert. 
Als Ersatzfilter wird unser Artikel 5305 genutzt.

Anschlüsse: beidseitig 10mm Rohrschneidringverschraubung

Gesamtlänge: 90mm

Art. 53010

incl. VAT excl. shipping