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Important note about tanks

Improve the protection of your gas tank against rust and corrosion.

Stoneguard-underbody compound

Consists of long-lasting flexible material with a lamination strength of 1,5 to 2 mm. Grit and stones are absorbed very well. Lead-time 2-3 days, if not available on stock.


Is a specially hard and robust corrosion protection. Thickness 150 Mµ. Lead-time 10-14 days, if not available on stock.

And why?

According to the new regulation the ten-year-pressure control has now been canselled new for LPG gas tanks. Tanks with 10year licensing already registered stay to the old examination rules.

The danger of a subsurface rusting through is still relatevely great.

Gas tanks are regularly single-layer painted (approx. 40 Mµ) without priming for the internal assembling. For the under-floor assembling of these tanks, still bound to the 10-year test, a failure rate of about 1/3 is possible because of the rust thickness.

If "internal tanks" are mounted below the vehicle, an undercoating that is additionally done, will not help because the colour will peel away due to the missing grounding.

Concerning big mobile homes, which are delivered regularly with tanks, please ask for the kind of protection against corrosion.

WynenGas tanks are serially primed and pulverized. For safety reasons you should take one of the optimum corrosion-protection possibillities into considerations (about 80 Mµ)

Product novelties & special offers

Inline Gasfilter WY-F-904 C


Hochdruckfilter, mit 99% Abscheidungsgrad, für Campinggasflaschen, Tanks stehend, Tanks im Flaschenkasten und Unterflurtanks.

Filter wird mit einem Filtereinsatz geliefert. 
Als Ersatzfilter wird unser Artikel 5305 genutzt.

Anschlüsse: 21.8 LH Überwurfmutter
21.8 LH Außengewinde

Gesamtlänge: 60mm

Art. 530

incl. VAT excl. shipping

Inline Gasfilter WY-F-904 C-10









Filter für Hochdruck und Niederdruck Montage in 10mm Rohrleitung.

Filter wird mit einem Filtereinsatz sowie Halterung geliefert. 
Als Ersatzfilter wird unser Artikel 5305 genutzt.

Anschlüsse: beidseitig 10mm Rohrschneidringverschraubung

Gesamtlänge: 90mm

Art. 53010

incl. VAT excl. shipping