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Tube break safeguarding -30mbar-

Completes rhe gas-leaving completely if this one mentioning flow by 10% exceeded is.

All equipment opens closing to this, about the pressure balance the safeguarding opens soda again.

Art. 1213

incl. VAT + shipping

Tube break safeguaarding -50mbar-

Art. 1214

incl. VAT + shipping

tube break safeguarding -30mbar-

Complete after mentioning completely thick. The one switcing button can by press down be opened again

Art. 1215

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Tube break safeguarding

From number 215 how for 50mbar

Art. 1216

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Wear break safeguarding out

Wear break safeguarding high pressure

Art. 1218

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Piope bread safeguarding high pressure

For 10 mm pipe

Thread 3/8" LH

Art. 1220

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