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Adapter for a german regulator to the USA grill

Art. 9035

incl. VAT + shipping

Hose high pressure

High pressure hose between Deutschem regulator

and USA gas equipment with cartrid connestion

Art. 9040

incl. VAT + shipping

Gas tube high pressure


Art. 9045

incl. VAT + shipping

Gas pipe one out high pressure angle connection

High pressure wear one output connection between German caartridge uand USA cartridges grill

Art. 9050

incl. VAT + shipping

Gas tube high pressure

High pressure wear one out connection between Germann cartridge and USA-grill

Art. 9055

incl. VAT + shipping

Cartridges adapter

Fits at tnis grill witjh connection as from nos.:---2---

Connection for a German catridge

Art. 9057

incl. VAT + shipping


Connetion for german cartridge

Connection for german regulator

Art. 9058

incl. VAT + shipping

Connection kit german cartridge devices

Art. 9059

incl. VAT + shipping

USA grill adapter

Adapter for German Camping-gas bottle

American regulators with POL.i-connection can be directly connected to the German Camping-gas bottle with this adapter.

In this case, the American regulator system need not to be sent in.POL i

Art. 9060

incl. VAT + shipping

Aadapter for butan bottles

Art. 9065

incl. VAT + shipping